Tea of the Month Club

What is the Tea of the Month Club?

If you are looking for unique flavors without the fuss or trouble of picking flavors
yourself, then the Tea of the Month Club is right for you. Our teas are specially
selected by a tea sommelier and blended to perfection. These teas are only available to our Tea of the Month Club members.

What's in the box?

You will receive one of our exclusive, membership-only blended teas. It will contain informational material including a story of the ingredients, brewing instructions, tea pairings, and a special sample.

When will I receive my package?

Orders are fulfilled on the 10th of the month and typically shipped the next day. A
notification of the shipment will be provided. Arrival times will vary depending
on your location.

When do I need to sign up?

You can sign up anytime! In order to provide the freshest product available, sign up by the 10th of the month to receive the following month’s shipment. Why so long might you ask? These blends are created exclusively for the club. We need time to source and create the flavors. Don’t worry, it’s worth the wait!

Can I cancel?

  • Yes, you can cancel anytime, but we’d be sad to see you leave. If there is any specific reason for your cancelation, please let us know so we can make it right. Please cancel before the 10th of the month to avoid charges for the current month.

I loved this month’s blend! Can I buy more?

  • Unfortunately, you cannot. We only source and blend teas to meet the demand of our membership. However, in the event we have extra tea available, it will be sold in our Tea Shop with limited availability. The Tea of the Month Club is meant to engage with exclusivity and adventure.


1 Tea per Month-- $ 15 + free shipping

  • 1 oz of tea. Enough for 10-15 cups of tea
  • Premium organic ingredients whenever possible
  • Ingredients carefully chosen and blended by tea sommelier
  • Free shipping on all other orders throughout the store.  
  • Risk Free- Cancel anytime