Green Tea

Green tea is slightly more processed than white tea. The leaves are plucked and are then left to wither. They are then either steamed or pan fired to remove the moisture to prevent oxidation. Steamed green tea is typical of Japan’s green tea and pan fired green tea is typical of China’s green tea.

Flavor & Color

Steamed green tea has a vegetative grassy flavor and bright green color. Pan fired green tea has a nutty, toasty, grassy flavor. Leaves appear either flat or rolled.


Put 1 teaspoon of tea leaves into a strainer in a tea mug. Pour 175°F water over the leaves and steep 1-3 minutes. Always experiment and more or less leaves with more or less steeping time to find your perfect taste.

Note: Always use fresh water and always boil the water and let it cool to desired temperature. Bad tasting water will make a bad cup of tea.