*asterisk signifies certified organic ingredients

Base Teas

Black Base Earl Grey
Natural bergamot infused black tea.
Organic Black tea*, Natural flavors (Organic Compliant)
Black Base English Breakfast
A perfect breakfast tea with body and full flavor.
Organic Black tea*.
Black Base Irish Breakfast
A stout and robust black tea.
Organic Black tea*.
Black Base Assam (TGFOP)
Tippy and flavorful with superb astringency and expansive malt character.
Organic Black tea*.
Black Base Organic Ceylon Tea
A classic Ceylon tea. Light liquoring with hints of delicate floral notes.
Organic Black tea*.
Black Base Organic Darjeeling
Tippy leaf signifies good manufacturing. Its flavory muscatel character will not disappoint the discerning Darjeeling drinker.
Organic Black tea*.
Green/White Base Lucky Dragon
Bold and full flavored with hints of pine on the finish.
Organic Green Tea
Green/White Base Japanese Sencha Akaike
A medium-bodied Sencha that tends lightly vegetative with hints of cut grass.
Organic Green Tea
Green/White Base Sencha Fuji
Delicious green tea character with depth, body and some pungency.
Organic Green Tea
Green/White Base Jasime Gold Dragon
Exquisite, abundant Jasmine character on a seasonal green tea.
Green tea*, Jasmine petals.*
Green/White Base White
Clear slightly pale cup with a fresh aroma and a smooth velvety flavor.
  White tea*

Floral Essences

Floral Calendula
Mild vegetative note and colorful petals.
Calendula petals.*
Floral Cornflower
Neutral flavor, mild and dry.
Cornflower petals*
Floral Khartoum Hibiscus
A lovely deep red infusion, tangy and full of natural Vitamin C.
Hibiscus petals*
Floral Camomile
Very aromatic with a fruity tending floral flavor.
Camomile blossoms*
Floral Hibiscus
Tart and full fruity character with a light sweet finish.
Hibiscus petals*
Floral Rose Petals
Astringent with light pepper notes and a floral finish.
  Rose petals*
Floral St. John's Wort
Almond licorice opening. Lingering licorice finish.
St. John's Wort*
Floral Wild Lavender
Aromatic and sweet with a satisfying cup.
Lavender petals.*

Fruity Notes

Fruity Black Currant
Light fig notes in the background.
Air dried currants
Fruity Elderberry
Good berry notes, tending sweet with a cherry-like finish.
Air dried elderberries*
Fruity Lemon
Lemony with a clean and refreshing finish.
  Lemon pieces*
Fruity Black Currant
Refreshing with good black currant notes.
Freeze dried black currant halves*
Fruity Strawberry
Juicy and delicious.
Freeze dried strawberry pieces*

Herbal Notes

Herbal Bluberry Leaves
Very mild opening.
Bilberry/E. Blueberry leaves*
Herbal Blackberry Leaves
Mild tending neutral but a good fullness.
Blackberry leaves*
Herbal Honeybush
Refreshing and cleansing with hints of honey and finish reminiscent of light Madagascar pepper.
Herbal Lemon Balm
Lemony and herbaceous with a dry finish.
  Lemon Balm*
Herbal Lemongrass
Very lemony. Refreshing and cleansing with an extraordinary sweet finish.
Lemongrass leaves*
Herbal Rooibos
Fruity with sweet notes.
Herbal Spearmint
Cool and refreshing
Spearmint leaves*
Herbal Strawberry Leaves
Mild and neutral.
Strawberry leaves*
Herbal Thyme
Fresh and invigorating.
Herbal Ashwagandha
Mild notes of fennel.


Spices Ginger
Strong ginger notes with a light fiery finish.
Spices Turmeric
Lightly herbaceous with notes of chestnut and spice.
Spices Cinnamon
Sweet with a donut like finish.