About Akóva Tea

I've enjoyed tea ever since I was a little girl. My fondest childhood memories involve my family and friends enjoying tea together. Most of the time it was served plain black with some candies or jam on the side. As a little girl, I enjoyed the candies and jam more than the tea - I was certainly having sweets with tea rather than the other way around! Sweetened black tea was the foundation of my tea taste and it wasn’t until my thirties that I dipped my toe, no foot, into the world of tea. Now I’m up to my elbows and my passion keeps growing. Who knew that teas could range from soothing to invigorating or be blended in such a myriad of ways.  

I created Akóva Tea to share this passion with you.

We provide a thoughtfully curated selection of teas and flavors so you can make your own custom blends. Alternatively, you can choose a tea based on your personalized tasting profile, or choose from a selection of delicious prepackaged teas that will be sure to inspire your senses. In addition, if you are seeking knowledge about tea, check out the Learn page where you will find educational content about tea and exciting opportunities to participate in tea tastings with a certified tea sommelier.

Simply put, Akóva Tea is…




- L.